Enrico Scaccaglia (1989, Parma) is an italian composer.His pieces are animated by the force of narration. His music aims to rebuild the narrative pact between the composer and the audience through a “theatrical approach” that conceives musical figures as musical characters who meet and transform each other, creating Drama. Enrico Scaccaglia’s works cover each kind of musical genre (from solo instrument to large orchestra) and they have been performed all over the world. He has won various awards, such as “Orer young talents”, “4th European Composer Competition” (second prize), “32nd Young Musician International Competition Città di Barletta” (first prize), and “Vienna World Composition Award” (first prize in two different categories: Chamber Music and Orchestral Music).
His composition for string quartet Come Steli il Vento Domina has been selected as one of the four winning works at the “Molinari Quartet’s 8th International Composition Competition”.